Dr. Bruno M. Cormier (1919-1991)

Visionary and humanist

A humanist with a visionary mind and a man of conviction committed to the cause of the imprisoned, Bruno M. Cormier was faced early on with a difficult choice between his passions for psychiatry and art.


His struggle between these two passions was evident in 1948, the year he obtained his degree in medicine at the Université de Montréal and co-signed along with a group of artists the Refus global manifesto denouncing the era's obscurantism.


Dr. Bruno M. Cormier was one of the pioneers of forensic psychiatry and clinical criminology in Canada. In 1962, the Ministère de la Santé du Québec set up a committee comprising    Dr. Cormier along with Drs. Lucien Panaccio and Camille Laurin to devise a modern hospital where treatment would be adapted to the needs of the most dangerous patients and provided in a more appropriate environment.


The Corporation de l'Institut Philippe-Pinel was created in 1964, the same year that architects, engineers, psychiatrists and security specialists pooled their resources to give the health care network a hospital with an innovative mission. Construction began in 1965; five years later, the Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal officially opened.


With its policy of recognizing those who have contributed to the unique national mission of the Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal, in 2004 the administration honoured the memory of Dr. Cormier, one of its founders, by officially naming a main hallway the:


Hall Bruno-M.-Cormier


To celebrate the official inauguration of the Hall Bruno-M.-Cormier, those who signed the Refus global generously donated works to the Fondation Docteur Philippe-Pinel in                  Dr. Cormier's honour.