Statistics Consultation

A specialized group

The Statistics Consulting Group (SCG) is composed of experienced statisticians with specialized university education in the field of statistics and quantitative methods. The SCG provides consulting services to professors, researchers and students on the latest and most common statistical techniques.



Assisting researchers


The SCG was first established to help researchers develop statistical analyses, assist them with grant applications and ensure their publications' statistical quality. The SCG helps researchers meet more efficiently the increasingly stringent and complex statistical requirements of university research. The Group also uses a wide range of specialized software.


Recognized expertise


The SCG works closely with researchers from the Centre de recherche de l'Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal (CRIPPM), but also in collaboration with the Centre de recherche Fernand-Séguin (CRFS) and various other research centres in Quebec. It also collaborates with researchers and research centres from universities in Western Canada and in other countries such as Belgium, England, Sweden, and the United States.


Services in demand


The SCG occasionally provides services to private companies for statistical analysis projects focusing on quantitative research, particularly in terms of risk assessment. These partnerships encourage knowledge exchange between various research communities. Benefits from providing this service include partial funding for the Group's research and development activities (such as training, software, and books) and investment in the development of new tools that in turn benefit the CRIPPM.